PTC Exchange - The hub of best PTC sites. New Bux sites added regularly. Membership details revealed.
PTCExchange is the hub of Best Paid-to-Click sites.  These sites (also called PTC or Bux sites) actually pay users to click the links to commercial sites put on their Ads page and see the site for a few seconds.  The pay-rate vary in range from $0.001 upto $0.15 per ad depending on the site and membership level.  One has to become a member of these sites in order to get paid by any payment processors.  Some online payment processors are AlertPay, PayPal, LibertyReserve, etc.

Memberships offered by PTC sites are generally on monthly basis.  However, anyone could join them as free member and start earning (at a lower pay-per-click rate, however).  For paid memberships, these sites charge a monthly fee in the range of $2 to $80 depending on membership type.  The higher the membership type, higher are their benefits (including the pay-per-click rate).

PTCExchange provides a categorical list of sites and their memberships based on their pay-per-click rates. One could easily select the PTC site & plan suiting them using the categorical list of PTC sites provided on PTCExchange.